Standard Poodles

Poodle (Standard)

Origin (CKC)

Oldest of the three Poodle breeds, the Standard is the original from which the Miniature and Toy were developed. Known in Russia and Germany since the early 16th century, the breed is related to the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel. Though its first job was that of a waterfowl retriever, the versatile Poodle was used in France to scent out truffles, a mushroom-like delicacy. In time, the breed’s sense of fun and high trainability made it famous as a circus dog and by the end of the 18th century, every traveling circus had a performing Poodle act.

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Poodle Pawssy

About Poodle Pawssy

My name is Darla Hrankowski, my journey began in December 2016, when I experienced a slip on black ice resulting in a traumatic brain injury. I had prior to my injury, purchased a small standard poodle, a red little girl we called Lucy, which the timing was likely not the greatest decision. It turned out to be the best decision and just what I needed at that time. Lucy was a character and a very active 8-week-old puppy. She intuitively barked at me to get up. I taught her to bark very quietly (like a whisper) when I experienced migraines from the fall. Undoubtedly, the smartest dog I ever had. I ultimately trained her for assistant work to be my service dog. My love and dedication to the Standard Poodle breed gave me my life back.

I am now motivated towards a breeding program that highlights the Standard Poodle breed where they can go from the show ring to a family companion or service work temperament to assist those who experience permanent disabilities. I respect the “London” and “Maverick Afterglow Sabre” bloodlines both phenomenally bred Standard Poodles.